We Help Build

Whether the client is a Fortune 500 giant or a pre-revenue startup, our role remains the same: We help build better teams.  What differentiates us from other firms? Our partners each spent more than 20 years working successfully at high levels in the industries where they recruit.  We have an unparalleled network and unique access to great talent.

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We Help Grow

Every hire is critical and strategic.  Our boutique agency is part of the global network of Management Recruiters International.  Our recruiting methodology has been refined and proven over more than four decades.  The process is highly adaptable and we can customize it to fit your needs.


We Help Pioneer

We focus on technology and quantitative positions, where risk is high and rapidly emerging technologies require constant invention and reinvention. Our experience as senior managers and executives in the industries we serve means we've got a fundamental understanding of the real challenges you face in recruiting, on-boarding and retaining talent.