Our mission is to leverage our industry experience to identify impact players, meaningfully qualify individuals before presentation to hiring managers, and significantly streamline the hiring process for our clients.

Translation: We’ve all interviewed developers and had the experience where one knows almost immediately that the candidate doesn’t have the required technical expertise. We screen our candidates to prevent this scenario.

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We know developers

The competition for technical talent is fierce, especially in New York where Big Tech is now competing for top developers with traditional industries like Finance. We are developers, and we know how to evaluate developers. Our process gets to the root of technical skill to save you time and surface talent that can help your organization.

Everyone wants that 10x developer. We know who they are.


We Help Pioneer

We focus on technology and quantitative positions, where risk is high and rapidly emerging technologies require constant invention and reinvention. Our experience as senior managers and executives in the industries we serve means we've got a fundamental understanding of the real challenges you face in recruiting, on-boarding and retaining talent.