Our mission is to apply decades of successful experience in the industries we represent to identify impact players, meaningfully qualify candidates, and significantly streamline the hiring process for our clients.

Our Story

We had front-row seats as the industries we worked in underwent dramatic changes between 1990 and 2010.  Jay worked in the magazine business, both print and digital, and Peter worked on Wall Street; by 2011 both had independently come to the same conclusions: Those changes were only accelerating, there was not enough top technical talent to meet demand, and together they could build a successful business helping companies overcome this scarcity.

We chose recruiting because we both had experience building effective teams and found that process among the most satisfying professional experiences we'd had.  We felt recruiting offered the best opportunity for us to leverage our own expertise.  We understand the vast changes digital technology is precipitating because we successfully contended with those changes as managers/executives in demanding, high-pressure environments.

We are, essentially, matchmakers.  When the process works, when we successfully place a candidate, we've achieved two great things at once: solved a critical problem for the client and facilitated a life-changing event for the candidate. 

That's gratifying work. 

Peter Wagner, Partner

Co-founder Peter Wagner came to New York City in 1992 with a freshly minted master's degree in Computer Science from Brown University.  He spent the next 20 years building front-office trading and risk systems for some of the largest and most prestigious firms in the financial industry.  Peter managed the development of the strategic, fixed-income risk platform for Lehman Brothers - still the primary front-office risk platform now in use at Barclays.  At Morgan Stanley, he was responsible for the credit derivatives risk reporting system and managed the firm's data warehouse providing all transaction data to the credit risk and capital systems of the bank.  Peter also has significant experience building and managing offshore teams.  With his wealth of technology and industry experience, Peter is uniquely positioned to find and evaluate talented individuals who excel in the high-pressure environment of the financial industry.  His writing appears in QuantNet, and his quarterly assessments of the financial industry hiring landscape are also widely read.  Peter runs Affinity Resource Group's financial services IT practice.

Jay Woodruff, Partner

Co-founder Jay Woodruff has more than 25 years of experience in media.  His work as an editor earned many honors, including multiple National Magazine Awards.  After earning a bachelor's at Harvard and an MFA from the University of Iowa's Writer's Workshop, Jay helped launch the quarterly magazine DoubleTake.  He then joined Esquire as a Senior Editor.  At Entertainment Weekly, he led EW.com to a Magazine Publishers of America Best Website Award. He later extended Maxim's digital footprint into eCommerce, social gaming and onto iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. His fiction, articles and essays have appeared in many periodicals, including The Atlantic, Esquire, GQ, The New York Times, Story, The Whitefish Review, and Fast CompanyHe has taught at Harvard, Duke, Webster University, the University of Iowa, and Montclair State University. He understands the real challenges involved in engaging consumers, and his professional network provides access to extraordinary talent. Jay runs Affinity's digital technology practice, with a focus on executive leadership positions.

Sarah Woodruff, Director of Recruiting

Sarah Woodruff brings more than a decade of recruiting experience to the table.  At Affinity, Sarah oversees the contract staffing business and co-manages the retained accounts.  As Director of eDiscovery at The Glenmont Group, one of the nation's premiere boutique recruiting firms, she focused on the legal technology sector in a post-Sarbanes Oxley environment.   She later focused on pharmaceutical and medical device sales at Normyle/Erstling and then ran her own search firm with an emphasis on digital media.  A graduate of the University of Iowa, Sarah began her career as a bilingual healthcare educator in Boston.  She was also a regular contributor to Biography magazine and is the co-author of two books.  Sarah specializes in creative, social media and marketing roles.


A 2011 graduate of Georgetown, with a BA in Government, Jack was a stand-out goalie on the Hoyas lacrosse team. He received the Coach's Award in recognition of his perseverance and commitment to team success. He was a three-time member of the Big East All-Academic Team and managed the Hoyas Dreams Foundation. As a graduate assistant coach for the Kean University Men's Lacrosse team, Jack was heavily involved in the recruitment of athletes and since joining Affinity in 2014 has translated those lessons into the recruitment of financial services IT professionals. He specializes in placing project managers and business analysts with top investment banks and hedge funds.